About us

We are Medical & Pharma Promotion, a team of highly experienced people operating in the pharmaceutical and medical market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on a long-term basis. We offer professional services in the area of product sales support, mainly via our skilled business team and promotional events in pharmacies. 

Our staff have long-term experience with organising all sorts of supporting events. For our clients we arrange congresses, educational events and outdoor activities. 

Our partners are pharmaceutical and cosmetic enterprises, food supplement companies, pharmacies, health food stores, medical facilities, hospitals and doctors.

Our vision

Our aim is to become the first choice for pharmaceutical, medical, pharmacy and cosmetic enterprises in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in terms of product sales support. At the same time we intend to create new job opportunities for all competent and active people.

Our mission

Being closer to your clients…

…and providing them with truthful, clear and thorough information and increasing their awareness of pharmaceutical products in the Czech and Slovak markets.