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Are you introducing a new product to the market or do you have an already-existing one and you simply need to reach the customer who can try it out himself?

Provide us with a sample and we will deliver it to your customer. We know how to distribute your product samples fast and well within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Mystery shopping

For pharmaceutical companies

We go into the field and through a secret purchase of our client’s products we monitor the pharmacists’ knowledge of the products. Through observation, we also discover other factors that influence the sales, such as product placement or POS display.

We also monitor other sales methods such as the position, the number and the way in which substitute or competitive products are offered.

We are able to provide crucial information about competitors’ activity, competitive sales strategies or competitive products.

All the information that we acquire during the mystery shopping can become a fundamental indicator of further strategic steps and methods for our client.

For pharmacy owners

By means of the secret purchase we find out information about the level of sales and communication skills and the professionalism of the behaviour of the staff – the pharmacists.

We also observe other factors that influence the pharmacy’s turnover, such as the interior arrangement of the sales premises’, product placement, POS display or product categorisation.

We also monitor other sales methods such as the number and the type of the materials given to clients, the position and the brand of products offered, the way substitute products are offered, the filling of the imaginary shopping basket and the way supporting marketing methods (bonuses, discounts, gifts), which have an influence on the sales growth, are applied.


Do you hold congresses, trade fairs, conferences or symposiums or do you simply attend those sorts of events?

We offer a team of experienced hostesses who can professionally represent your company at events. The hostesses will help you with the organisation and will actively approach your customers and provide them with all the important information, together with promotional materials.

Promotional stand hire

Promotional stand features

  • attractive design
  • interesting colours (white, green, red)
  • lightness (9.5 kg = easily portable)
  • stand can be carried in a solid bag with a shoulder strap
  • we deliver promotional stands anywhere in the Czech Republic

Promotional stand hire price list

1 - 5 days6 - 10 days11 or more days
1 stand / day700,- Kč600,- Kč500,- Kč

If you hire more promotional stands, the price is negotiable. The prices do not include VAT.